24. října 2010 v 17:09 |  Já a zase já
U Ádi na blogu jsem našla pár testů, tak jsem si je taky zkusila udělat... :) 
No, voda a modrá jsou mi prostě souzené. Jsem s výsledky naprosto spokojena :-P
Všechny je najdete na http://quizilla.teennick.com

Jaký jsi element?

Your Element is Water. You are peacful and mysterieous. H2O loves to stick to things so be careful not to be to clinging! Quote: The best Antiques are old friends!

Jakou barvu má moje duše?
Your soul is violet. The color of truth. You most likly don't tell lies, or very honest and trustworthy to your friends. I'd love to have you as a friend. Well keep it up, trust is a rare thing in this world of ours.
Kdybys byla postava v anime, tvoje barva očí by byla...
Blue like the sky...

What are you a Goddess of

The goddess of Water. You can be calm, collected, and fluent at times, but can change in an instant into a raging ball of fury. Just like ocean storms, you leave no survivors in your path and you do not tolerate nonsense in dire situations. You are most likely the "peacemaker" of your group of friends and people can always count on you to hear their side of the story. You enjoy time with friends, just not ALL the time. You could survive without friends, but you wouldn't be able to last forever. You need company and so if you were the Water Goddess then you would go to the ocean, a river, or a lake and you would spend time with the animals that live there. Since you are a Water Goddess, you power is the ability to breathe underwater, which gives you the perfect hiding place from enemies.

Naruto Quiz

You are Sakura. You have very good control of your fighting abilities. You also are a big coward, if your a guy, and got this, then i would be ashamed. You can use ur abilities well, but you never do. If you could control people, then you would make them fight in your place.

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